The project was inspired by a context of professional and personal void. 
On occasion we find ourselves in a limbo in our own lives, an in-between cacophonous with the silence of unresponse
At these times I find it useful to delve back into oneself – for structure, for solace, for the answers we seek are always buried within. Drawing letters is the remedy of choice I found for myself.
I was facing the relentless mounting of despair and I sought comfort in the unflinching structure of architecture. Bear in mind I know nothing of architecture so this indeed may be an idealised version of it. 
All I know is that architecture is the (WO)MANMADE response to SPACE just like cinema is the (WO)MANMADE response to TIME — perhaps. Consequently, how does one allow one to exist in a self contained space? Spaces affect our emotions more than we think.
In addition, the pleasing geometry of architecture attracted me, so I started to draw meticulous handmade grids as a skeleton to these pieces. I relished in the illusion of control that this brings. 
I left the sketch on my drawing table for days, inspecting it a little each day – had it grown overnight, expanded? I started to visualise each word fitting ever so neatly in the grid.
The words — Isolation, Intolerance, Instinct ... — are most certainly inspired by what one may traverse in relation to the Other, be it in the process of looking for work, new friends, integrating a community, finding a partner. 

Untrustworthiness is a given to the observer who is not anchored within — only once you are rooted within yourself may you consider the Other as an equal, not an oppressor.
Thank you for reading —
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