Quote by photographer Walter Evans
Inspired by Nietzschean torpor
There always is — Bruce Springsteen 
New brushpens oft inspire elegant feminity ... 
Quote taken from an article by A.O. Scott that appears in the NY Times and addresses the role of the critic in an over-opinionated age. Read it here: http://nyti.ms/1KhPSNh
A sepulchral colony of mist and romance — Joy DIvision
Inspired by the latest Paolo Sorrentino offering — a bright, bold, and lyrical film 
Quote by Sidney Poitier — eternally magnificent master of humble gravitas
Quote from the book Room by Emma Donoghue which in turn is most moving, powerful and surprisingly uplifting film. Also resonated deeply with the 12 Kinds of Kindness project which urges the reader to get out of their modern apathy: http://12kindsofkindness.com/
The smell of Naples — all-consuming and invigorating
Sunday morning funereal feels — Joy Division
Pay attention to the inadvertent poetry of those around you 
Big Brother — where art thou?
Attempting to capture the marvel of fresh ink blodges via Paul Simon 
All Fired Up, ceaselessly morose, striving for the grandiose — Interpol
Monday morning — Kasabian
Holding up for a rhythm
Dear Leonard — Virginia Woolf
Golden dreams are a good way to begin —

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