We begin with some monosyllabic mottos that I try to hammer into my head -- seek truth, fear less, don't try to be anybody but yourself.
Inspired by a line from the movie Love is Strange that particularly stayed with me: if you are to be a master artist of your chosen craft, they tell you that you need to know the rules before breaking them. But what if you don't need to break any rules, what if you can find beauty, harmony and self-expression within the rules that already exist? 
So it's not about breaking anything really, but perhaps rather about twisting and turning the given restrictions to your own image. Be malleable, and consider how everything that was created before you may be of purpose.
Tricksterism is the answer to the question that no one is asking — inspired by the manifesto written by London-based studio The Beautiful Meme.
Be grandiose in your insolence, be precise but also messy. Be comfortable in the contradictions that you will go through in the search of your own vision.
On some days I can't help feeling like a sullen damsel, so I take the brushes and I let them take hold of the silly melodrama.
You'll emerge as possibly only an object that you created into my eyes, you will fade as progressively as you've arrived, until I can't tell whether you were a dream or if it was indeed real --
Then it was time for opulence --
The new year stumbled in like a drunken kid trying hard to appear stern, and brought with it all the usual interrogations, and the combat began, again, to make sense of everything that lies ahead.

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