Do something with passion or not at all —
a notion that keeps traversing creative endeavours
Passion is suffering, suffering is a confirmation that you are alive
So making these dot-based sketches was a way to counteract
the frenzy of working on something in which I put a lot of myself
The focus and flow and approximative precision helps ease the brain wires
That is all
Take Aim -- 
So it begins — You feel paralysed by fear and opportunity,
Your synaptic connections and drenched
 in sweet endorphins
Eva -- 
In all instances, remember your mom
She's made you better than anyone you could've become
Holy Rising -- 
You witness the idea occur organically
And by some luck you are able to catch it —
capture it, and begin
Dead End -- 
Very soon you'll start to stumble on your own ideas
So stop for a moment before returning on your steps
Real Love -- 
Sometimes it's better to feel in love generally
Rather than with anyone
in particular
Rejoice -- 
However idiotic it may seem to continue the project
Be glad in the company it brings you
From morning 'til night;
And you know you'll miss it when it's gone
Overgrown -- 
Sometimes you'll feel the project eat you whole
Consuming your mundane life with its striving for the grandiose —
That's when you have to just let it take control
Mantra -- 
Keep your convictions at a safe distance
Avoid the tyranny of the reasonable mind
Question the meaning of everything
Have Faith -- 
Whatever or whoever your chose to believe in
Dedicate yourself to that belief
Finish your work and send it off —
Trust that it will be received
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