When I was 19 years old, I moved to London for my studies.
I ended up staying there 11 years.

Faced with a new culture and a whole new place to explore, I often walked around with a notebook, jotting down poem-like thoughts as a way to capture and mend the sense of isolation mixed with awe that I was feeling. 
Fifteen years later, I stumbled on these poems and felt compelled to interact with them in a new way. I recorded them and laid them out in type as a way of reconnecting with the person that I had been and, through this project, offering her the soothing that my current, somewhat healed, self can give. These are some of the poems that resulted from that journey. 
You can press play on the video and read the text below, or simply listen. 
Background images sourced on Unsplash (with the exception of COMPENDIUM where the photos are my own) and music from Epidemic Sound.
Thank you for watching.
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