During my internship at Embrace, I had the amazing opportunity of bringing to life a concept for the printed program of Richard III by William Shakespeare, that was staged by several South London schools participating in Shakespeare's Globe Education, the educational department of the famous Shakespeare's Globe, the home of Elizabethan theatre in London.
Richard III is most commonly referred to as "The War of the Roses", and the creative team Embrace chose to represent this in the program in a striking yet simple fashion.
Some handmade paper roses were created, with the keywords for the play that each school had chosen written on them in a loose calligraphic style, using a parallel pen.
While initially experimenting with making my own blood (using chocolate syrup, food colouring, and water), the digital option seemed more suited for this particular project.
Individual petals were also created separate to the main flower, and these feature on the page in the program relevant to each school.
The typography and layout was then subsequently added on by the in-house design team at Shakespeare's Globe. 
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